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Our Story

There is a need for more 


in buying products and services, allowing working men or women to capitalize on the money they spend.

The profits from our business model allows us to reward consumers with our 
Cash Back Program. 

 Cash Back



2 Referrals will put you

in play for a $50.00 Cash Back Referral Reward

and a $3500.00 Bonus Payout

Check out the Cash Back 

Referral Rewards Program

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 Our goal is to give consumers more choices when purchasing, where they can enhance their lifestyle with the Cash Back Passive income opportunity. 

If you brush your teeth, bathe, shampoo your hair, wipe your face, and other parts, this may be your opportunity.

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 "If you don't find a way to make money while asleep, you'll work until you die."

 Our  Products 

Check back for new product categories added weekly?
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At the end of the day, we want our customers to share in the wealth...

Can't find what your looking for, try a Gift Card.
hey never expire, come back later.
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Is to give back to our shoppers .
We are working for you, we won't make you Rich, Famous, or Better Looking, but through the Cash-Back Referral Rewards, you can take home more than a few dollars by referring to the 4jD site. 

Check out the guarantee on the Cash Back Referral Rewards Program in the FAQ  section. 

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