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Panty Size Chart

Choosing the right size makes the difference in your comfort level...

Panty Styles

V-STRING: Minimal waistband. No back coverage is referred to as a G-String.

THONG: Wider waistband, no back coverage.

BIKINI: Moderate back and side coverage.

HIP-HUGGER: Lower-riding, full side, and back coverage.

BOYSHORT: Full coverage, cut straight at the legs.

BRIEF: Full coverage.

How should your underwear fit?


This area should lie flat and secure to the body. Fabric should not bunch or sag in the front or back. Any seams should only be visible in the front


The waist band shouldn't bunch, roll, or dig into your skin, it should stay in place and not cause any discomfort



Check to make sure the leg openings are evenly arched and don't hug to tightly or cause indentations.


Guidelines can change based on style, underwear should cover the buttocks in an even and symmetrical way. If they ride up, try a larger size. You want them to be comfortable above all

Determining Your Panty Size

1st Measure your waist

Wrap a soft measuring tape around your waist making sure the tape is parallel to the floor then take your measurement and record.

2nd Measure your hips.

Keeping the tape parallel to the floor measure the widest part of your hips, then record your measurement.

Determine your size from the chart above. If your hips are larger than 46.5" you will want to go one size larger


Click Here for the Size Chart.

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