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Purchasing your hygienic products and other items through 4jdistribution results in being rewarded with Cash Back for your purchases.
Your participation in the growth of our business model allows you to regain the purchase price
(minus S & H and Tax) and be rewarded up to 60% of the sales within your group. These rewards can enhance your lifestyle or provide additional funds for those in retirement.

Our plan can be a financial plus for millennials or GenZs who are finding it difficult to reach homeownership due to the cost. It also helps struggling seniors on limited incomes. Statistics tell us that only 44% of the public has a retirement plan and most of those on retirement depend on Social Security to make ends meet.

Use the calculator below to determine what you need to invest in a retirement plan at this time in your life to understand what you will need in the future. The future will be here before you know it and you don't want to be left out in the cold.
Your initial investment will be zero (O), your annual contribution will be $3500.00, interest at 7% compounded annually, investment length (number of years till your retirement) tax rate 22% (an average), and inflation rate at 3%. You can adjust these numbers to fit your person.

P.S. Try doubling your annual contribution to see the different results?
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