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  • What do you mean when you say, Winners only no losers here?
    You are going to be buying your essential products somewhere, so why not buy from 4jDistribution? If you participate in the rewards program and successfully fulfil the requirements of encouraging two others to participate with you, your first reward of $50.00 will offset the cost paid for the products, minus the cost of taxes, shipping and handling.
  • What is the additional income source you are referring to?
    After you have successfully reached your referral reward of $50.00 the system will continue to track any sales generated from your group of six until there are a total of 36 sells within that group. When this happens you receive and additional reward of $500.00. When the tracking system reaches 216 sells from the group you started you receive an additional reward of $3000. for a total of $3500. Additionally you have the opportunity to re-enter the Rewards Program once you have successfully received your second reward of $500.00. There is also the opportunity to invest in the supply of our products and earn up to 100% on the investment. Those interested in this avenue may do so by sending an email to the email listed on the site with the words "COO investment" in the subject line.
  • Why do you charge for shipping when most other sites do not?
    Shipping cost incurred by 4jDistribution vs the buyer? Purchaser participating in the rewards program who successfully build their group of six, will recover approximately 80% of their total cost of goods and shipping.
  • Can't find what your looking for?
    Try a Gift Card, come back next week, see what's new. Gift Cards are Digital, there's no shipping charges on Gift Cards.
  • Why is 4jDistributions a much-needed service?
    The average family in America is falling behind in their income to purchasing power ratio. Inflation, a subject the average American family cannot control increases the cost of products and services, but when the feds do get inflation under control the prices never come back down to where they were previously.
  • Where do I enter the referral number?
    When placing an order, on the cart page you will see in the lower left corner. "Enter a Promo code", or "Leave a note" place your referral number in either of the two locations.
  • Your statement on one-time purchase, what does that mean?
    It means that you have to purchase a minimum of $49.95 or more on one order, It cannot be accumulative.
  • How do I know if the person I am referring has included my referral number with their order?
    Any order received without a referral number will be contacted and asked for a referral number. If the individual has no referral number to submit, then he or she will be placed in a position within the structure of the Cash Back, Referral Rewards program. In the event someone you referred failed to include your referral number. You contact 4jD at the email address listed, state your concern, someone will contact you within 48 hours, any corrections required can be corrected through this process.
  • Will I be required to make any additional purchases with 4jD in the future?
    There is no requirements to make additional purchases beyond the initial order to receive a rewards. 4jDistriution is confident that our shoppers will return for future purchases as we add new products in the future.
  • Am I allowed to refer more than two people to the Cash Back Referral Rewards Program?
    You may refer as many as you like, but you will only be credited with two for each rewards.
  • Gift Cards
    Purchasing a gift card allows you to return any time in the future and use it to make a purchase, they never expire.
  • How long will it take to see any rewards?
    The length of time it takes to acquire your two referrals is entirely dependent on your efforts. In addition you may want to help your two referrals refer their two. The sooner you refer two the quicker things will happen.
  • How do I find people to participate?
    Unless you are a hermit, I would point out that you know a minimum of 150 - 200 people. They range from your immediate family, close friends, the gas station attendant, the housekeeper, some guy at Home Depot, Lowes etc. Start your journey by making a list of everyone you know, and start there. Keep your list handy as you will recall names as you go. Refer them to the 4jDistribution site and let them decide for themselves. It will help if you let them know that you have already made the commitment. The important thing to acknowledge is that you only need two referrals to make it work.
  • Why a minimum purchase?
    The minimum purchase requirement helps to keep our shipping and handling close, allowing for profit to be shared with the consumers.
  • What does CB-RRP stand for?
    When you see the letters CB-RRP, it refers to the Cash Back-Referral Rewards Program.
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