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For the Students

     Our platform is not an MLM, but a referral-based marketing strategy that generates a second income stream for those participating in our Referral Rewards Program.

     Word-of-mouth advertising eliminates unnecessary advertising costs, the savings are passed on to the consumer base through our Tiered marketing strategy.
    The rewards program allows you to recover your initial out-of-pocket cost in the form of a reward for assisting in the growth.

    Unlike MLM, there are no monthly required purchases or constant recruiting, as a consumer you are rewarded for your referrals. 
You have the potential to earn $20,000. a year or more.


    There are only three steps required to successfully build your income stream.

One: Make a commitment.

Two: Purchase the product.

Three: Encourage two to take the same three steps.

     Unsure where to get started? Start with your immediate fan base, friends, and co-workers, or check out the link under the support label at the bottom of this page.


    If you're unsure, or not ready to step up today, we understand. Subscribe to learn more as we move forward and add new products. To learn more about our Referral Rewards Program click HERE.

     Those with an understanding of business will grasp the potential of the opportunity offered here, and those who take the time to digest the content of the referral rewards program will truly understand.


 We sell products the same as any retailer, products that you use, and can be bought at thousands of locations across the globe, but no one else offers a refund of your purchase price, for referrals.


    Our prices are competitive and comparable, proof is in your ability to search.  What makes us unique and different is the fact that we share the profits made from the sales of our products through our generous rewards program.

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