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Updated: May 12


Shop at 4jdistribution?

It's apparent that people are buying into the idea that having a membership with a supplier can potentially save you money.

Unless you are purchasing regularly you may not be saving enough to offset the cost of a membership. You can decide for yourself the best way to go.

Amazon sell a membership for $139. a year, with a yearly auto renewal, this gets you free two day shipping, some free music and movies, but has limitations.

Costco has a Gold Star  membership for $60. that gets you a $20. rewards cards, but no annual percentages on purchases, your simple buying a right to shop at their locations world wide, and to purchase the all important $1.69 HotDog and a drink. You can upgrade your membership to Excutive for an additional $60. and receive a $40. rewards card along with earning an annual annuity of 2% on all your purchases made throughout the year.

With the 2% Excutive card and a $50k spend you could earn up to a maximum of $1.000. The best saving you can get with a Costco card is at the fueling stations.

Walmart another contender looking for your bucks. Has a membership called Walmart Plus, available for $12.95 a month, or $98. for the year. It gets you free shipping with orders of $35. or more. Under $35. orders can be shipped with a $6.99 added fee.

It was recently announced, Target is getting into the arena of membership sales, for early birds the membership will be $49. after May 18th, 2024 it will cost $99. for the privilege of shopping at their locations, as for their rewards, at the time of this writing it is unknown.

The best of the best could very well be 4jdistribution where there are no memberships required, and their rewards program far out ways most online retailers, however, they do not offer free two day shipping. If you can accept waiting for 4-5 days for your delivery this just might be the go to place.

Their primary product line is items that people use on a regular daily basis, products like toiletries, or for a special gift occasions.

They have no where near the amount of merchandise available as you would find on any of the previous mentioned businesses sites, but the rewards are diffently much better. At this time there is a limit on the number of products available, but like most businesses, in time the inventory will prevail.

Following their simple marketing stategy you can have your purchase price refunded, and earn up to $3500.

Their rewards program gives back up to 40% of the profits on the products, and yet they are not overcharging the consumer.

For more info check out the FAQ page on

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