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Are You Prepared for What's Coming...

How do you see your future, where will you be in 5 years, will you be any better off than you are today? You wont be unless you take steps to secure your future.

If you like living day to day, paycheck to paycheck, by all means stay where your at. 

For a better future you need to take steps to improve your finances now. Because things are only going to get worse in the next decade.

Here's Why!

At the present time the national debt stands at 35 trillion dollars, in 2034, just ten years from now the national debt is estimated to be 54.39 trillion. This means the average family will need an additional $40,000 a year to have the same living standards they now have in 2024.

By 2028 just 4 years from now, the national debt will reach a historical high of 106 percent of GDP. The interest on the debt will become more than the revenue the goverment brings in from taxes. 

The only way to overcome this is to raise taxes, and raising taxes is not a popular move for politicians regardless of party. As you may have already heard, President Biden wants to raise taxes on corporations from 21% to 28% in order to bring in more revenue. 

This is a deceptive move by the president and the democratic party on the average worker. The new taxes on corporations will be passed on to the consumer.

Corporation's will do whatever nessicary to avoid any losses and disrupt their dividend pay outs or CEO bonuses.

Why the debt ia a problem?

The growing debt will create additional challenges for federal fiscal management, which could in turn cause challenges for American households and individuals. These potential challenges include:

Risks to economic growth and lower investment in the private sector. Leading to lower wages due to losses in productivity.

• Upward pressure on interest rates that would make it more expensive for individuals to borrow money—for example to purchase a car or home.

• You may be thinking that things look pretty dismal right now when it comes to homewnership, or having to fork out six to seven hundreds dollars a month for a new car. Its only going to get worse as we move forward.

Millions of your fellow citizens are struggling to make it from one check to the next, but you can change the course of your financial future and that of others by participating in a cost effective program that will increase your financial well being while helping to bring millions out of poverty.

Nows the time to take control of your financial future, not ten years from now when its to late. 

Our program can change your life, check it out.

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