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Cash Back, its a thing!

Updated: Jul 12

Cash Back programs are offered by Credit Card companies, banking institutions, and major retailers, all scrambling for your dollars. Let’s look at who's offering the most, and the best for your dollars.


Most major banks offer some sort of Cash Back program, with a slew of requirements that must be met before the Cash Back is honored. This could be an annual renewal fee, a deposit amount, a time frame associated with the offer, but each has the same basic requirements.


How do all these financial rewards programs work?

The Credit Card companies in many cases charge the consumer an annual CC fee along with an Annual Percentage Rate to use their card, that fee will be somewhere in the 19.24 to 29.24 APR. The rate charged will depend on your creditworthiness. 


The retailer pays the credit card company a fee to use their processing services, the fee ranges from 1.5 upward to 5% depending on the retail business, there’s also a service fee tacked on for extending the credit line.


Here are a few examples...


Bank of America has an Unlimited Cash Back of 3% when you use the B of A Card. The card has an annual fee ranging between 19.24 to 29.24 percent.

Spend $10,000 using the B of A card and you receive an annual-rewards of $300.


AMEX, American Express.

Has an APR of 21.24 to 29.24

The Gold card Annual fee is $250.00

Platinum card annual fee is $695.00 

Benefits, points, airfare savings, etc... too numerous to mention here, check it out.  



Is still just $98.00. Gets you free delivery on groceries and other purchases, fuel saving at certain stations, some restrictions on medications purchases.


Target. The Target Circle card membership costs $49 or $99 annually. The membership gets you a 5% discount on purchases, with varied limits on the discounts. Spend a $1,000 and a $49.00 membership fee is covered with your 5% discount. 


Costco's $60. membership allows you to shop in their stores and gets you a $20. Costco gift card. 

Their Executive membership costs you $120.00, for this you get a $40. Costco gift card plus a 2% annual reward. Spend $10,000 and get $200 in annual rewards. Your final savings after subtracting the membership card fee of $80.00 Is $120.00, your take home.

You also get their buck-fifty hot dog, a drink, and savings at the gas pump. If you drive a lot and don't mind the lines, the best savings is at the fueling station.


The last one we will mention is,

No membership required, no annual fees. 

A one-time minimum purchase of $49.95 and two referrals gets you a $50.00 Cash Back referral rewards and a $500.00 shoppers bonus.


Check out the Cash Back program, it’s awesome.

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