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Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The effect of inflation has hurt family budgets. Customers 

have seen a rise in grocery prices, most goods, and services.

On average a family of four spends $800 more a month than they did two years ago.

“That can be tough for a family because it means they’re making tradeoffs".

Although the economy is considered to be good, U.S. credit card debt has increased by $45 billion from Q1 2023 to Q2 2023 leading to a new all-time high. Nearly 50% of cardholders carry debt from month-to-month, up from 39% in 2021. Credit card debt has set a new record, surpassing $1 trillion.

Credit card balances have risen for five consecutive quarters, increasing at some of the largest rates in 20 years, and the average credit card issuer charges a near-record 20.53% interest rate, according to Bankrate.

Shoppers are increasingly more reliant on credit cards, as well as flocking to more affordable private label products.

At 4Jdistribution

“Our customers are America’s working families," 

"They’re the teachers teaching our kids in schools, the construction workers building or maintaining our homes, the fast food workers who prepare our lunches everyday, and medical workers taking care of us."

“And that customer is facing a tougher economic environment."

We ar 4jdistribution believe customers deserve a shopping experience where they don’t have to make tradeoffs, where they can still get those basic products, or a great gift without paying a price that makes it hard to put groceries on the table.”

4jdistribution is creating that environment.

"This is a share-the-wealth moment.”

Check us out see if there is a fit for you in our marketing concept, and receive a share of the profits.

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