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There are a number of ways you can receive your 4jdistribution rewards.

Your first reward in the amount of $50. can be by EFT, or by check.

EFT transfers will require a Zelle account with your banking institution.

Your second rewards of $500.  can be by either of the aforementioned ways, or you may choose to have your rewards in the form of Silver or Gold coins, or where possible in bullion.

Your third rewards of $3000. can be in the form of Silver, Gold, coins or bullion, or check. If you choose the silver or gold rewards you will be provided with a reputable source who will supply the metals that you choose and ship them securely to you via a secure carrier requiring your signature for verification of receipt. 

4jdistribution will make the nessicary arrangements and pay for the metals chosen by you. Shipping cost will be deducted from the overall rewards.

Your not required to make a payment choice at this time, it can be decided when you are notified of your up coming rewards. 

All rewards are dispersed within ten days of completion of a rewards level.

Any questions you may have will be answer asap with an email with the word Silver or Gold in the subject line.

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