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Rainy Day Fund

What is a rainy day? 

That the day when thing go wrong, a fender bender, physical injury, you lose a job, someone dies, any number of things that can set you back physically or financially.

This day and age with the cost of living its becoming more difficult for the working man or woman to put aside extra money for a rainy day fund.

The news media is telling us that those earning less than the national average, and the elderly living on a limited income are struggling. The middle class is under a lot of added pressure from the higher cost of living, and some are working two jobs just to maintain a life their accustomed too.

Consumers credit card debt is at the highest in history, and a bigger credit balance is not good for anyone. If your not paying off the credit card every month then your paying interest on the balance, and it could take years to be repaid.

On top of the fact that you may be struggling to get that balance paid off, or at least paid down, there's the dreaded Rainy Day.


No one wants to think that something bad is going to happen, but there's always going to be a rainy day in your life, somewhere along the road you travel. It doesn't matter how young, old, rich or poor you are, it will happen, and it will take place when you least expect it.

A rainy day for those with money is just a bump in the road, for those without some extra cash it can be devastating, having extra money helps.

At 4jdistribution we provide a service that can help you build on a rainy day fund, without stretching your immediate budget, where you purchase products you normally purchase, at a price you would normally pay, and at the same time give you the opportunity to develop a second income source. 

A second, or third, income source can give you the extra to put  aside for that coming rainy day, or use it to for an existing crisis.

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