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Policy & Privacy

We do not offer any fancy packaging, pretty boxes, or, when possible, plastic containment. We are taking steps to reduce the number of items going to the landfills, reduce greenhouse gases, being environmentally friendly. 

Each item sent will be securely packaged to protect it from shipping abuse. We warrant our products against damaged or broken content due to mishandling by carriers or handlers.


Our warranty will replace your purchased item for the same item 

(where possible due to inventory). You may exchange the item for a comparably priced item from our list of products. The item/s exchanged must meet the same price as the item replaced. 

The warranty covers your purchased item/s for a replacement for 30 days. 

Return shipping costs will be incurred by the buyer.

By submitting the order form to, you agree to our warranty terms as spelled out above for purchases. 

For a long-winded version of our Policy, Click Here

Privacy & Safety

The information you submit to 4jDdistribution from your shopping experience is not used for any other purpose than to complete your purchase. 4jDistribution will not sell your info, nor will it be retained without your permission, or intentionally given to anyone other than what is legally required by law. 

Our credit processing facilitator is a secure platform. You have choices of using a credit or debit card, and two choices of processing. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

American Express, VISA, Master Card, Discover PayPal        

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